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Do you work daily on Excel?

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If you spend each day using Excel to make spreadsheets, then you'll probably aim to work faster and in an efficient manner.

While most of us want to do that, we are always restricted by the knowledge that we have.

There are times when we see others do the same work in half the time and wonder how they are able to work much faster compared to us.

If you face a similar situation, then there is a simple solution available for you. 

Do you feel some tasks in Excel have a simpler solution?

Sometimes, while working on Excel, you probably don’t feel like you’re using the most efficient method.

At times you may be using methods that are helping you achieve your objective, but require a lot of steps. And finally, there may be areas where you end up doing a lot of simple but manual steps.

In all the cases, you end up taking longer as well as the monotony of tasks can be frustrating. A majority of people feel exactly the same way when working with Excel.

Even if you are aware of complex formulas and are good at analysing data, a limited understanding of ways to work faster can inhibit your progress.

How can this course help you?

In this course, you will learn 10 advanced Excel tips and tricks that will enable you to work much faster and efficiently in Excel.

You will be able to complete seemingly tedious and painful tasks in just a few seconds! Yes, a few seconds!

You will learn advanced excel tricks to save time and work with confidence.

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Why should you learn these 10 Excel tips and tricks?

If you want to stop wasting time by doing simple things manually or in a way that takes longer, then you should learn these 10 tips. You will learn the following in this course.

  • How to delete blank rows in Excel? Deleting blank rows can be tedious and painful. Some users delete them manually, some sort the data to remove them, or some filter them out. However, you'll learn the most efficient, error-free way to remove blank rows in just a few seconds.
  • How to move columns in Excel? When you copy or cut a column, it can be confusing to remember, if Excel will paste the copied column before, on, or after the selected column. You'll learn an easy way to take the guesswork out and move columns in Excel quicker and with confidence.
  • How to custom format cells in Excel? Do you want to learn how to custom format cells in Excel with text? Do you want to display text appended to numbers, yet perform mathematical operations on that cell? It's easy, and you'll learn that in less than 60 seconds!
  • How to identify duplicate values in Excel? We all struggle whenever there are duplicate values in our data. The inbuilt utility to identify duplicates in Excel does not highlight the duplicate data but removes them instead. In this course, you will learn a simple Excel formula to find duplicates in one column easily and manage them with ease in the way you want to.
  • How to calculate working days in Excel? Calculating working days in Excel requires considerations like weekends and holidays. With different countries following different weekends, it gets complicated. Changing holiday dates can cause project plans to reflect incorrect status. You will learn a simple formula to manage all these complexities with ease and get an accurate answer each time!
  • How to define the type and length of input for a cell? There are times when you need to restrict the type of input you want to allow in a cell, e.g. text only, numbers only, numbers less than or meeting a condition, etc. You may also want to define the exact length of the text. You will learn how to do all this using a simple Excel functionality and define the boundary conditions for users of your Excel sheet.
  • How to split or join text without writing formulas? Working with text formulas in Excel can be complex, as usually, we have to use more than one formula to achieve our objective. Learn a simple method, Flash Fill in Excel where you can split and merge text without writing a single formula. No kidding!
  • How to work on multiple sheets? Are you maintaining similar sheets for monthly, quarterly, or yearly data? Or, are you maintaining similar sheets for products or people? Updating all of them can be time-consuming! Learn how to group sheets in Excel and make changes to all of them in one go. 
  • How to calculate the difference from a value in Pivot Tables? Pivot Tables are useful in doing quick analysis. However, do you struggle with writing formulas when you have to find the difference of values from a single cell, e.g. difference in sales value over the years from a particular year? Learn how to use the in-built capability of Pivot Tables to get the result in no time.
  • How to sort data by month? Have you sorted data with months? Do you get stuck when it sorts the data alphabetically? Do you add numbers and then sort the data again manually? Learn the right method to avoid workarounds to sort data by months, days or other parameters!

What all does the course include?

1 lesson video delivered each day for 10 days

Less than a minute investment per day

Course Completion Certificate

Downloadable worksheets to practice along

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Yee Zhong Tan

Tiktok Concept " Excel in a minute"

It's really difficult for working adults to find time, sit down and learn new skills especially after started to work . But this short video concept is align with "Tik Tok" , as we can save time to learn one or two new skills from Excel.

6 months ago

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