Improving Productivity Using Excel

Improving Productivity Using Excel.

Referencing, Copying Formulas, Dynamic Arrays, RANK Formula and Creating Price Charts

Course Summary

Learning Objectives of the Course:

  1. Build worksheets with smart formulas that utilize fixed, relative or mixed referencing to prevent writing multiple formulas repeatedly in a worksheet
  2. Create pricing charts, where a dynamic discount tier kicks in as the sales go up
  3. Write formulas faster and reduce possibilities of errors by using dynamic arrays
  4. Develop proficiency in Rank formula and use its various variants to arrange your data in ascending or descending order

You will Learn

Cell Referencing:
One of the major advantages of writing formulas in Excel is that you can easily copy and paste them to other cells. This is very useful when the formulas are copied in rows or columns that correspond to your data. Relative referencing copies the formulas correctly. However, in case the formulas refer to a particular cell and you want that all cells where the formulas are copied should refer to that particular cell, then you will need to rely on absolute or mixed referencing. This will enable you to accelerate your work by writing one smart formula which can be easily copied to other cells, without having you to re-write the formula

Dynamic Arrays:
This is another productivity tool and allows you to write formulas across rows or columns without having to retype or even copy-paste them. Learning this technique will help you finish your work much faster and also avoid common mistakes made while making use of referencing in your formulas

Rank Formula:
Rank your data in ascending or descending order to emphasize their relative position in the data group. This is used extensively in business situations while ranking sales, performance, or any other data that may require comparison.
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  • 5 Lecture videos + resource files
  • Personalized feedback on submission of assignment
  • Course Certificate on approval of assignment
  • Earn a badge on course completion
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  • Unlock invites to 2 LIVE sessions on course completion
  •  Discussion forum to clarify doubts from our experts

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