Taking Actions Based on Conditions in Excel

Taking Actions Based on Conditions in Excel.

IF, Nested IF, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, MAXIFS & More. Bonus Material: TRANSPOSE, UNIQUE & Evaluate Formulas

Course Summary

Learning Objectives of the Course:

  1. Identify data that fulfils the conditions defined by you
  2. Define actions or outcomes based on fulfilment of conditions
  3. Evaluate choices and translate them into actions

You will Learn:

  1. IF statements and Nested IF Statements
  2. IFERROR formula
  4. Evaluate formulas to see how values are calculated. Useful for correcting formula if they are not working correctly
  5. UNIQUE and Transpose Formulas
  6. Using wildcard characters in formulas

The course relies heavily on teaching through various business scenarios, so that it is easy to understand the concept. This approach also allows you to intuitively relate to your own work setting and accelerate application of these concepts at work.
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What all does the course include?

  • 6 Lecture videos + resource files
  • Personalized feedback on submission of assignment
  • Course Certificate on approval of assignment
  • Earn a badge on course completion
  • Direct link to add certificate in your LinkedIn Profile
  • Unlock invites to 2 LIVE sessions on course completion
  •  Discussion forum to clarify doubts from our experts

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