Working with Text in Excel.

Format and Manage text using formulas such as TRIM, UPPER, LEFT, FIND, SUBSTITUTE, & TEXTJOIN

Course Summary

Excel offers extremely useful functions to work with text. However, working with text may not be as intuitive as working with numbers. Therefore, a thorough understanding of text functions can help you perform functions like format text, find an occurrence of characters, extract or replace parts of a text and much more. In this course, you will learn the different text functions and how to use them to carry out various text operations.

While working with text it is usually seen that these functions are used in conjunction with each other. This makes it more complex than the other Excel functions. In this course, we will address this complexity by learning how to break down the problem into smaller manageable Excel operations and then bringing them together in the end.

In addition to this, you will learn in-built tools like Flash Fill that eliminate this complexity in most cases for you.

Learning Objectives of the Course:

  1. How to clean up and format data using Text functions
  2. How to extract & replace parts of a text
  3. Find occurrence of a particular character within a text
  4. Join multiple pieces of text into one using different approaches
  5. Work with text quickly speed using Flash Fill and other in-built tools 
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What all does the course include?

  • 6 Lecture videos + resource files
  • Personalized feedback on submission of assignment
  • Course Certificate on approval of assignment
  • Earn a badge on course completion
  • Direct link to add certificate in your LinkedIn Profile
  • Unlock invites to 2 LIVE sessions on course completion
  •  Discussion forum to clarify doubts from our experts

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