We Are Qling

Qling is a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals who are passionate about learning needs of our clients. We bring value to our clients by solving their learning challenges and providing them with exceptional learning content.

With our team's solid background in Leadership, Consulting, Project Management, Technology & Coaching, our course spread provides you the most contemporary learning with curated concepts. Qling's unique proposition lies in providing learning which is quintessential, quick, to the point and practical.

We help you learn the current sought after professional skills quickly and effectively. Our learners will be able to directly and immediately put insights to use from the start of their learning journeys, hence shortening the learning cycle and accelerating solving business problems and creating impact at work.

Our Purpose

Enhancing capability of learners by providing practical and focused learning for delivering better business outcomes

With the world changing rapidly, there is constant pressure on working professionals to learn new skills at a pace faster than before and deliver results immediately. Our focus is to design courses that provide a smart learning solution to such professionals who are eager to upskill and add more value at work.

Over the last several years, we have identified areas that are critical for success in most industries. We offer best-in-class e-learning courses as well as live interactive sessions in these areas. Our courses leverage the vast experience of our industry experts and the core team to identify areas that most often the enablers of success at work. These courses are designed around business application and relevance at work.

Our courses are taught from a practitioner's perspective, thus accelerating the skill enhancement process. To maintain these standards, our process of faculty selection is detailed and the course content is finalized after several rounds of discussions to ensure that they focus only on those areas that would bring value to our learners.