Articles on Excel and Google Sheets

7 Steps to Analyze Data in Excel or Google Sheets

Picture of charts and graphs with a person in the background

Do you have plenty of data for your organization or a client?

Are you looking to find out incisive insights, but do not know where to begin your analysis?

Are there too many thoughts in your mind and you are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity and enormity of the task ahead?

If these are some questions in your mind, then read this article to find a simple, yet very powerful framework for analysis of data and extracting meaningful insights.

5 Steps to Create Automated Reports in Excel or Google Sheets

Picture of a girl balancing a lot of reports in her hands

This article is for you if you spend a lot of your time creating reports manually?

If you create multiple reports that are similar in nature, or if you create the same report at regular intervals, then you can automate the report creation process and save time and reduce errors.

This article covers a step-by-step approach on how to automate this process using Excel or Google Sheets.

Read it today to get started!

3 Ways to Save an Excel Sheet as a PDF File

Picture of a man working on a laptop with charts on his table

Do you do analysis in Excel and create reports in MS Word, PowerPoint, Key Note or other tools?

Are you worried if the data reflected in your reports is the latest data?

Are you concerned that you are spending too much time copying data, charts and analysis from one tool the other and increasing the risk for errors?

Read this article to find out three ways to save an Excel Sheet as a PDF file and reduce your effort and chances of errors.