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Don't create reports manually ever!

Working professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants spend a lot of time creating reports manually. The manual process leads to errors, omissions, frustration, inconsistency, and delays.

The time you spend on creating reports manually, keeps you from doing work that showcases your true talent.

Clients and stakeholders continue to demand more each time, and you keep pushing yourself to meet those expectations.

What if there was a way to create hundreds of reports with the click of a button, and get rid of errors, omissions, frustration, etc.? Sounds like magic? Well... It's true!

In the first of a kind course (the only one right now), learn how to automate any report using Excel and Google Sheets. Learn how to design PowerPoint-like reports, identify insights, automate the creation of these reports with a click of a button. And then, email all of them with another click! 

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Excel Masterclass

Data Analysis, Pivot Tables, Charts & Dashboards, Condition Formatting, Text, Forecasting and more

Excel Essentials (Free Course)

Dependent dropdowns or lists, return values for a range using VLOOKUP, automated Gantt charts

Conducting Data Analysis in Excel


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Namrata Singh

HR Professional

"Would personally recommend this course. These guys are exceptionally good with what they do!"

Anurag Kanoongo


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Read how a young team managed to achieve an improbable target of writing 120 reports in a day

A man and a woman looking at laptop and discussing

The story behind using Excel for automating reports

A young team was given a task of creating 120 reports in a day. It seemed like an improbable task, however using a clever automation method they were done within time and did some mischief with their supervisor too!

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