Welcome to our blog

Read the latest about learning, self-development,
productivity and personal leadership here!

Welcome to our blog

Read the latest about learning, self-development, productivity and personal leadership here!

A table with a laptop, notebook, plant and a coffee cup


Understanding the science of learning

Get the best insights to help you succeed in your learning journey. The Learning Insights helps master the art of defining learning plans, creating learning experience, and actionable analytics.

A school writing board with a chalk and a duster

Are we celebrating Teacher's Day correctly? Are we recognizing the contribution of ...

Ankush Chopra

A person climbing blue coloured stairs

A 5-step framework that learning & development teams can deploy to make the most out of ...

Ankush Chopra

People standing next to text passion led us here written on the floor

Categorize your learners based on their capability & confidence. Create meaningful learning journeys for each ...

Ankush Chopra

A small chalk board which displays the word possible and a hand covering the alphabets I and m

Confidence is a great thing. Learn how your confidence before a learning initiative can come in the way of ...

Ankush Chopra

A lady taking down notes in her notepad

Create a more focused learning experience by measuring your learner's capability and confidence before ...

Ankush Chopra

A man writing on a notebook with a red pen

Employees with high learning agility are fearless and more likely to drive results. Learn how to ...

Ankush Chopra

A stack of books kept on a table

What is learning and its components? When does learning become continuous? How does it ...

Ankush Chopra


Shape your career better with Excel Mastery

Get the best guidance on how to use Excel, from basics to advanced topics. Learn and take inspiration from how Excel can contribute to the success of your career.

Picture of two dice with a magnifying glass drawn on one side

Discover how you can get more out of Excel by using these 10 features that accelerate ...

Ankush Chopra

Picture of a diary page with Act One written on it

My journey on how from using Excel daily at work, I started teaching it to thousands of ...

Ankush Chopra

An exclamation sign made on a torn paper triangle

Avoid these 3 mistakes and use Excel with confidence for analyzing data, creating impressive ...

Ankush Chopra

A girl standing on a cliff with her hands stretched wide

A story of how an exceptional employee struggled with data analysis, and how she rose back to ...

Ankush Chopra

Picture of a chessboard with a person in background

Deciding which Excel course to take can be hard. We list down 5 important factors a working professional must ...

Ankush Chopra

Picture of a difficult path through a dense forest

For most people working on Excel, it is a desire to learn macros. Explore 3 questions that answer if you really need ....

Ankush Chopra


Reduce manual effort with automation

Create custom reports, automate everyday tasks, and save time with powerful Excel automation tools. Get the most out of your business with Excel Automation.

Close-up of a person typing on a typewriter

You can use Excel to design PowerPoint like reports and then automate it to save multiple files with different data ...

Ankush Chopra

A large number of thin reports stacked on top of each other on a table

A story about how my team and I saved ourselves from a mammoth task of creating reports using ...

Ankush Chopra

A pedestrian crossing place on road with a stop sign

Few common beliefs prevent you from saving a huge amount of time by automating reports in Excel. Find out if ...

Ankush Chopra

A glass jar with coins and a small green plant

Save costs, time and effort by automating the report creation process using Excel. See calculations ...

Ankush Chopra

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