Do you want to host your course at Qling?

  • Are you an expert in your area? 
  • Do you have excellent teaching skills?
  • Is your content highly practitioner-oriented? 

If the answer to these question is yes and your course can help working professionals develop skills that make an impact at work, then get in touch with us to explore how you can host your course at Qling!

An expert working on his online course

Course Creation & Hosting

As a first step, we agree on the course content. Once the content is finalized, then you can create the course or take our help in creating the course in a digital format

Student Management

You could open this course exclusively to your students or make it available to anyone who wants to enroll into the course

Sales & Marketing

Create an exclusive sales and marketing plan for your course or promote your course through our integrated sales and marketing plan

Let us know about the course that you would like to host at Qling and we will get in touch with you soon.