Our Consulting Services in Leadership Development

We offer a host of other services related to your organization. Our experts have rich experience in designing leadership development & learning initiatives and content for organizations.

In case you would like us to conduct a virtual or an in-person session for you or a small group, let us know! We will be happy to provide a solution that fits your need

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Competency Framework Design

A Competency framework forms the foundation for all Talent Management practices within an organisation. We partner with organisations to design a competency framework that is actionable and plays a critical role in helping them achieve their strategic goals.

Our approach is unique, where we involve stakeholders across the organisation, blend in the organisation's values & aspirations, and validate the framework for acceptance by the employees.

This approach enables easy adoption and implementation of the competency framework within the organisation.

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Succession Planning

Organisations in various stages of their lifecycle require different assessment techniques to identify their leaders and succession pool. We work with organisations to identify their needs and define a succession planning framework that best suits their requirements.

A robust succession planning approach ensures that the organisations invest early in identifying critical positions and potential successors.

We bring in the right team that can help identify successors to critical positions. Our talent assessment process recognises the potential, and readiness  of individuals for taking their organisations forward.

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Leadership Development

Each individual learns differently, and a personalised development plan can create that difference in the growth and development of an individual. This becomes all the more critical when it comes to developing successors for key leadership positions.

We work with organisations in defining the right approach for talent & leadership development and how they can use it for grooming their critical talent.

We also enable the last-mile delivery by designing and delivering development programs that include elements of Education, Practical Experiences and Personalised Coaching.

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Design Learning Philosophy

A key enabler in an organization is its learning culture. An organization where employees are encouraged to learn and are provided opportunities to learn and be more effective at work creates a foundation for success.

At Qling we understand this and use a robust methodology to create a learning philosophy and culture!

Partner with us to enable your employees to learn new skills or sharpen their existing skills and create a significant impact at work

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Custom Learning Programs

Looking to design customized programs that speaks the language of your organization? Work with us to design exclusive learning programs customized to the need of your organization.

The customized content could be delivered as in-person sessions, or made available as e-learning content, or train experts in your organization as master trainers.

We work with your SMEs and create content for in-person training or e-learning programs that takes examples from the organization's journey, factors processes, and practices and aligns to the culture that is unique to you.

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One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is one of the most effective methods for personal development. A good coaching experience can help you unlock your potential and abilities that can accelerate your performance.

Get in touch with us to provide coaching services to your critical talent and help them realize their full potential.

Coaching can help in areas such as effective relations and network at work, personal excellence and organization, ability to influence stakeholders, resilience, empathy and more.