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Filter Data in Excel

Essential Formulas

Learn key formulas used for analysis such as SUM, AVERAGE, SUMRODUCT, RANK, MAX, MIN, UNIQUE, and FREQUENCY

Advanced Filters in Excel

Cell Referencing

How to use Relative, Fixed and Advanced referencing methods to write formulas and boost your productivity

Sort Data in Excel

Defining Names

Define Names using multiple methods to increase productivity, make it easy to refer to cells and help in easy creation of lists

Lookup Formulas in Excel & Google Sheets

LOOKUP Formulas

Learn how to find related data to a known value using VLOOKUP, or VLOOKUP with Approximate Match and HLOOKUP

Index & Match formulas in Excel & Google Sheets


Use the Index and Match formulas to perform a 2 way lookup and find out value based on more than one parameter

Sort Data in Excel

Creating Lists

Create lists using multiple methods and maintain consistency during data entry. This reduces errors and allows you to work faster

Filter Data in Excel

Filter Data

Filter unique values, Using Text Filters, Customizing Criteria to Filter Data, Applying Filter by Color, and Clear Filters

Advanced Filters in Excel

Advanced Filters

How to use Advanced Filters, Using OR & AND conditions with Advanced Filters, Applying Formulas in Advanced Filters

Sort Data in Excel

Sort Data

Sort Data, Sort basis Single or Multiple Columns, Sort only a Single Column, Custom Sort, Sort Lists, Sort by Color & Formatting

Formatting Worksheets in Excel

Formatting Worksheets

Text Alignment, Fonts, Cell Styles, Borders, Format Painter, Hide/Unhide Columns, Merge Cells, Wrap Text and Writing on Multiple Lines

Formatting Cells based on Data Types in Excel

Format Cells

Format cells  based on the type of data it contains. Detailed explanation on formatting cells as Number, Currency, Data and Fractions

Format as Table in Excel

Format Range as Tables

Format your data as a table and write formulas that are easy to read and copy. Apply formulas and formatting automatically to new rows added