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Excel In A Minute

Get a lesson shorter than a minute, each day for 10 days. Learn advanced tips & tricks to level up your Excel skills.

Top Courses

Best Seller

Magic Reports

Automate any report in Excel and save yourself hours. Generate hundreds of reports with the click of a button.


Excel Masterclass

Data Analysis, Pivot Tables, Charts & Dashboards, Condition Formatting, Text, Forecasting and more

Excel Essentials

Dependent dropdowns or lists, return values for a range using VLOOKUP, automated Gantt charts

Short Duration Courses

Managing Data in Excel

Frequency, COUNTIFS, MINIFS, MAXIFS, Names, Lists or drop-downs, Dependent Lists, Check-boxes

Conducting Data Analysis in Excel


Data Analysis using Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables, Recommended Pivot Tables, Slicer, Calculated Fields, Dashboards

Charts & Dashboard in Excel

Single & Multi Series Charts, Pie, Stacked Charts, People Graph, Progress Bar, Dashboards with Pivot Charts

Conditional Formatting in Excel

Top/Bottom, Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets, Edit Rules, Formulas, Gantt Chart Application

Improving Productivity Using Excel

Referencing, Copying Formulas, Dynamic Arrays, RANK Formula and Creating Price Charts 

Taking Action based on Conditions

IF, Nested IF, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, MAXIFS & More. Bonus: TRANSPOSE, UNIQUE & Evaluate Formulas

Working with Text in Excel

Format and Manage text using formulas such as TRIM, UPPER, LEFT, FIND, SUBSTITUTE, & TEXTJOIN

Estimation and Forecasting in Excel

Forecast based on Statistical Models. Estimate using Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, and Data Tables