Are we celebrating Teacher's Day correctly?

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Key Takeaways

  1. While Teacher's Day is a popular celebration, but are we celebrating it right? 
  2. Students/learners play an important role in making the experience of teaching worthwhile 
  3. Teacher's Day should also be a celebration of all students who inspire their teachers to be better each day

I don’t think we celebrate Teacher’s Day correctly.

Teacher’s day is a wonderful celebration in India. Our teachers deserve our thanks and recognition for the positive impact they have on us, and this day is a lovely opportunity to do that.

There is a delightful buzz in educational institutes, which is a cherished memory for most teachers.

I am fortunate that I have taught several thousands of MBA students, working professionals over the last 12 years. Many send wonderful messages on Teacher’s Day.

It is very fulfilling to read those messages. Since the last few months, my perception about this celebration has changed. It is some of the amazing students/learners who have forced me to think hard about who we should really celebrate on Teacher’s day.

I am sharing a few of those moments which have got me reflecting on this. 

One for the road

I am helping a company in their digital transformation by conducting a series of development initiatives for the sales team of a consumer product company. The sales team is mostly on the go and sells all over the country. They sell in big cities, small town and even villages.

Despite the pressure that comes with the job, their commitment to learning is unwavering. On several occasions, I have seen them attending sessions from a car, or at a shop, or sometimes just any place in the middle of nowhere. All they focus is on how they can attend the session and take part actively. They don’t let the traffic, poor internet connectivity or their surroundings interfere in their learning. They just make it happen.

Many of us find it hard to focus on learning in case of minor inconveniences, but they let nothing come between them and learning. 

I have seen them attending sessions from a car, or at a shop, or sometimes just any place in the middle of nowhere

Tough nuts

Human body is fragile; we can get hurt easily. Human spirit, however, is a totally different bargain. Over the last few years, I have had people sitting in my sessions with broken legs, wrists, and hands. They may be in tremendous pain, but there is never an excuse.

While I encourage people to take rest and give their body full attention when it needs it the most, but I am in awe of their commitment towards their personal growth. 

Bold and the beautiful

Children are wonderful! They don’t hesitate in asking questions. But, adults do. Many times, we have a wonderful question, but we fear judgement so much that we deny ourselves a chance to learn by not asking that question.

When you are engaging with adults, everyone is at a unique starting point. Some of the more vocal ones show their learning and urge the teacher to move faster. The ones who are just beginning feel left out. They stay silent as they fear judgement.

However, occasionally you will find the bold beginner who would make sure that she asks her question. The courage is admirable. Even though everyone is entitled to ask their questions, very few do. But when they do, it is beautiful. 

Children are wonderful! They don’t hesitate in asking questions. But, adults do.

The challengers

What really qualifies as learning?

Certain individuals always push their teachers by displaying their expertise, desire for more knowledge, or by inquiring. As a teacher, such challenges are the most enriching, as you learn much more to be a worthy teacher for such students. They make you better.

Challenges make you a better teacher

Celebrating Teacher's Day the right way

There are several reasons that make teaching very special. Reasons mentioned above are just a few, which makes teaching so worthwhile. It is these students/learners who make it fun, enriching, and fulfilling.

I don’t think we celebrate Teacher’s Day correctly. It is students/learner like these and many others who need to be celebrated too. They make the teachers better. So, to all them… Happy Teacher’s Day. 

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