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Key Takeaways

  1. Deciding which Excel course to take can be hard
  2. There are 5 important factors a working professional must consider while selecting an Excel course
  3. Good Excel skills enable you to add more value to your analysis, irrespective of your niche

Excel is a powerful tool through which lets you see the insights hidden within your data. It can convert numbers into a valuable story. There is so much that you can do with Excel.

In one of my earlier blogs, I had shared a list of amazing things that you can do with Excel. It took me several years to discover and learn all these. However, here is an opportunity for you to learn these in a few days.

People say that teaching is the best way to learn, and over the years, I have realized how true it is. It is a fascinating story about how I started teaching Excel, and this experience made me learn much more about Excel.

Good skills in Excel impacted my day job as a management consultant positively. It allowed me to add so much more value to my work.

If you notice carefully, you'll see a pattern between the people who were proficient in Excel and the others. You'll see that people who are good at Excel avoid these three common mistakes while working with Excel.

I witnessed these again when I got a chance to work with a bright young professional who made the same mistakes. The only difference was that she took the first step of making a change. She transformed from someone afraid of Excel to one of the most trusted persons to analyze data. I have shared her transformation story in one of my earlier blogs.

But don’t take my word for it!

If excellent skills in Excel are vital to you and you are still on the fence about my course, then don’t take my word for it. Here is what people have to say:

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Deciding which Excel course to take can be hard

What five factors are important while selecting a good Excel course?

Here are five factors that you must consider while deciding which Excel course you should consider to be better at your job.

#1 Scenario-based learning

Adults learn better with scenarios and cases. The best learning institutions in the world have written enough about this subject.

In our Excel Masterclass, we learn through working on solutions for 25 business scenarios. These are not theoretical scenarios, but situations that most of you would encounter daily at work.

A scenario-based approach helps you understand easily and remember what you have learned.

#2 Focus on insights

People use Excel to solve business problems. The focus of a good course should be on identifying solutions, trends, and insights rather than making a learner memorize formulas.

In our Excel Masterclass, the focus is on getting insights out of the data. This makes the course relevant for business professionals and you'll notice immediate gains in how you analyze data as soon as you take this course.

There are 5 important factors a working professional must consider while selecting an Excel course

#3 Faster application through structured training

What really qualifies as learning?

The most successful way of learning is learning by doing. Along with the lessons, the course should provide sufficient opportunities for re-enforcement through practice, quizzes and assignments.

In our Excel Masterclass, we implement all these principles. We provide a practice sheet for every lecture. Throughout the course, we encourage you to practice along as we go through the lessons and shorten the time between learning and actual application at work.

There are refresher quizzes at the end of each section. And at the end of the course, there is a relevant assignment, which helps you reinforce your learning.

#4 Systematic learning

An excellent course it focussed on achieving only one objective, enabling the learner. The course should introduce concepts in a manner that is seamless and makes it easy for the learner to take on complexity with ease.

We have kept the critical adult learning principles in mind while designing this course.

In each section, you start with simple lessons, and the complexity increases as you progress. This approach makes it easy for you to learn and not get overwhelmed while learning. The course highlights alternate ways of achieving the result with recommendations on the ideal situation to use each method.

#5 Designed for the busy professional

Working professionals do not have the time to learn every detail of any topic. They need to learn what is most important for getting the job done. Once adults learn the core of a subject, they are able to rapidly increase their knowledge and pickup on good-to-know details with relative ease.

Our aim at Qling is to enable people to learn quicker and faster.

The course focuses on all that is necessary for you to convert data into discerning and meaningful insights. There is a conscious effort to stay away from teaching concepts that are fancy to learn, but you would rarely use them at work. Thus, reducing your learning time and speeding up application at work.

Good Excel skills enable you to add more value to your analysis, irrespective of your niche

Credentials that you earn and not receive

Once you go through the lessons and submit your assignment, an expert will review it and provide personalized feedback.

On its approval, you will get a certificate and an Excel skill badge. Since our learners earn these by demonstrating the application of learning, they hold a significant value.

If you feel that our Excel Masterclass is the course that is designed in a way that helps you make an impact at work quicker, then you can click here to learn more

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What really qualifies as learning?


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